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Malus domestica

Apple is a fruit that has already become so common that we don't think of it as anything valuable and next to huge piles of different, colorful fruit in the supermarket shelves, sometimes, we don't even notice the simple apple.  But, vainly...

Truthfully, this fragrant, nutritious and beautiful fruit should take a special place on our tables on a daily base!

There is a saying "An Apple a day will keep the doctor away" which some consider to be the absolute truth! And we don't disagree, as apples are not only nutritious, contains small amount of calories and are easy accessible. Including this fruit in Your diet, You will notice the results soon enough.

Apple - ordinary fruit with great value:

  • Apples contain a huge amount of minerals and vitamins (iron, iodine, fiber, vitamin A, B, C, G)

  • Apples help fat burning process

  • Apples also are used for improving the urination process

  • You should not peel the apples, as most of the valuables are concentrated in the peel

  • Fresh apple juice slows down the aging process of the human brain thus helps to avoid a possibility of Alchaimer disease. 

  • Apples are also good for teeth, they strengthens and whitens them

  • Apples contain a special substance that increases the bone density

Regular use of apples helps to :

  • normalize the blood preassure

  • sort the lymphatic system

  • reduce the risk of hart disease

  • lower the cholesterol level in blood

  • lower the risk of getting the type 2. diabetes

  • Protects against cancer cell reproduction

  • ease a stomach ache

You should avoid apples in case of:

  • cardiovascular disease

  • inflammation of the duodenum.

Interesting facts about apples:

  • Apples are the most cultivated fruits in the world; there are around 7500 sorts.

  • Every second fruit tree in the world is an apple tree! There are around 5 billion hectares of apples trees.

  • One apple can substitute a cup of morning coffee! Try it!

  • The smaller the apple, the more vitamins and microelements it contains

  • 25%of apples mass is air, that is why they float in water.

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