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The beginnings of  Very Berry can be traced to 1997, when, ignoring the sceptics around us, we decided – the day to start fulfilling our dream of growing berries is today! On that day, we began developing the first cranberry plantations. Over 20 years our plantations have reached 38ha. From which 20ha are cranberries, 12ha blueberries, 5ha raspberries and 1ha rhubarb. Not too bad, we think! But we are continuing to evolve and have no plans to stop.
In addition to growing berries, we have created a natural juice production unit, as well as providing fruit and berry freezing and storage services. 
While we are growing and changing, the only constant is our NO! to chemicals, food additives and other flavour and colour enhancers. Staying natural is our key core value.



Our products:

Very Berry natural juices are extracted using the mechanical pressing and gentle pasteurization method, allowing us to retain as much of the nutritional benefits of the berries as possible. The juices have no added sugar, preservatives and flavourings, making them a natural, healthy and vitamin-rich food product.


Very Berry natural drinks are produced from natural fruit and berry juices that are combined only with the borehole water and sugar. In the process of manufacture there are no preservatives and flavorings used.

Very Berry natural berry syrups are made from natural fruit and berry juices, adding only sugar syrup. Preservatives and flavourings are not used in the production process.

Very Berry snacks – made from Latvian-grown berries. No added preservatives, colouring or flavouring.

Very Berry fresh berries – during the season, we offer fresh American cranberries raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and quince. Throughout the year, the berries are available in frozen form.

While we ourselves are sure of our chosen path, it is always nice to be appreciated by others. Alongside all the necessary local certificates for food production, in 2007 Very Berry also received the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate, a best practice agriculture certificate recognized throughout Europe.

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