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How is the juice made?

Juice is made using a cold press technology, that means - press. It is pressed and then it goes through a pasteurization process that takes around 20 seconds in 80  degrees Celsius. This way all the vitamins still stay inside. After that juice is filled in a glass bottle and sent to a shop. 

Where can I buy Very Berry products?

Please see the section "Where to buy". There You will find the retail markets we work with in Baltics as well as information about our export markets.

Why the juice is filled in a glass bottle?

As we are offering 100% pure juice, the only option for it is glass bottle. For example, the cranberry juice is full of acids and if we fill it in PET, it can eat of a layer of plastic and get in the product, so glass is the only safe option for this type of product.

How can I become Your distributor?

Please see the section "Contact us" and either give us a call, or send an e-mail. We will get back to You as soon as possible.

Can I visit Very Berry farm and factory?

Yes! Please check the section "Contact us" either give us a call, or send an e-mail. We offer excursions in our factory and farm for groups from 20 people. Let us know in advance when You are planning Your trip and we will reserve the time to show You around as well as offer You a tasting of Very Berry products. 

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