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Volume: 0.2Lx6

Ingredients : 30% blueberry, 70% pear juice

Blueberry is considered to be very healthy for eyes and as fresh blueberries are not available for Your little one all year round, we offer You next best thing - fresh blueberry juices that is mixed with pear juice to make it a bit more sweeter and tastier.

Juice is made especially for children - they are mild and naturally sweet and without any added sugar. 

Juice is produced using cold press technology and mild pasteurization that allows the juice to stay fresh for a longer period of time without losing its value. 

After opening it is necessary to keep it refrigerated and use within 4 days.

We say NO! to food additives and chemicals!

Juice "For good eyesight" (Pack of 6)

SKU: SU-B-ME-BU-0200
  • Blueberries have a positive effect on the body – they paint the tongue beautifully and make us healthier.  Read more

  • Deposit 0.1 EUR is included in the product price and is not taxed.

    0.1 EUR depozīta maksa ir iekļauta produkta cenā un nav aplikta ar nodokli.

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