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Rubus idaeus

The raspberry is the berry of eternal youth. As constant as the raspberry bushes in grandma’s garden, the taste of raspberry on the tongue evokes memories of childhood. Raspberries also taste of health and wellbeing, since their juice strengthens the immune system and is a good diaphoretic and heat-reducing agent in the case of a cold. Raspberries retain more of their healing properties after being heated than other berries. They do not lose their medicinal salicylic acid, which prevents microorganisms from growing and multiplying. Grandma had the right idea when she treated us to raspberry drinks, jams and desserts all year round. Being healthy is delicious!


Raspberries have a positive effect on the body – they awaken a sense of childhood and make us healthier:


  • increase immunity level and body tone

  • normalize heart function and have a calming effect

  • lower high blood pressure

  • act as a diaphoretic and reduce fever

  • reduce pain and inflammation

  • improve the appetite and regulate metabolism

  • prevent nausea and normalize digestion

  • reduce the amount of acid within gastric juice 

  • neutralize animal food product acids within the body

  • remove salts, radioactive elements and cholesterol from the body

  • rejuvenate the skin, increasing its elasticity and making skin tone even

The regular use of raspberries helps prevent and recover from illnesses such as:

  • diabetes

  • leukaemia and anaemia

  • cold and flu

  • bronchitis and laryngitis

  • inflammation of the lungs

  • chronic rheumatism

  • hypertension

  • atherosclerosis

  • diarrhoea

  • kidney disease

  • haemorrhoids

  • allergies


Interesting facts on raspberries:

  • Raspberries were grown by the ancient Greeks, for whom they symbolized love. In his treatise “On Farming”, Roman statesman of the III century B.C., Cato the Elder, stated that raspberries were used as food even in the age of Troy. 

  • Raspberries are considered one of the oldest garden berry crops. Europeans began to cultivate them in the XVI-XVII centuries. 

  • According to legend, raspberries were originally white. Then the nymph Ida pricked her finger while picking berries for little Jupiter, and since then the berries blush red like the nymph’s blood.

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