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Red currant

Ribes rubrum

Red currant is a one of the most common berries at least in Latvia. Everyone remembers their childhood when You had to pick them up, add them to tea, lemonade, desert and so on till the moment that You don't want to see it anymore. But give it another try :)  

Red currant has a good impact on our health :

  • The fiber in red currant helps with digestive problems constipation;

  • helps to reduce risk of heart disease; 

  • red currant cleans our blood thus improving the blood composition;

  • it is full of calcium that helps maintaining a good bone and muscle health;

  • the vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates the unwanted effects of free radicals;

  • red currant juice is perfect against high temperature and a cold.

Red currant contains

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin P

  • Pectin

  • Tannin

  • Fiber

  • Iron and other valuable microelements

It is not suggested to use red currant in case of :

  • stomach diseases :

    • gastric ulcer

    • duodenal ulcer

    • gastritis


Interesting facts about red currant:

  • Red currant is also used as a face mask that refreshes the skin;

  • Red currant is considered to be one of the super berries just because of its antioxidant level;

  • There are more then 150 sorts of red currant.

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