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Fragaria ananassa

Strawberry is like a hot summer kiss that is given to a cold winter evening. Some of them we catch in the garden, others we wrap up in our pancakes. The most glowing ones we send to you in a form of a berry during the summer time. In winter time we give it to you minced and frozen so that you could enjoy the love of the strawberry all year round. Strawberry, same as love, is the elixir of youth, health and longevity. Doctors are not needed in the house where strawberries are eaten. It is the most popular berry and a young girl’s whim. However, with strawberries the same as with girls – you never know! The more naive and pure is the flower of the strawberry, the more tempting and sweet are the berries! Maybe that is the reason why earlier strawberry was a symbol of pleasure! So enjoy them together with your beloved ones!


A strawberry enhances love and positively affects your body:


  • lowers sugar level in blood

  • removes redundant water from the body

  • strengthens blood vessels

  • improves blood circulation 

  • promotes the excretion of urine

  • improves vision

Regular use of strawberries helps to avoid and/or recover from such diseases as:

  • anemia

  • atherosclerosis

  • hypertension

  • ischemic heart disease

  • inflammation

  • osteoarthritis

  • asthma

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • age-related macular degeneration

Use strawberries cautiously if:

  • you have observed an allergic reaction to them

  • you are pregnant or with a little child

  •  you have not eaten, because strawberry seeds can irritate the mucosa of the stomach

  • you have increased gastric juice acidity and/or liver diseases


Interesting facts about strawberries:

  •  The tastiest, sweetest and aromatic strawberries are grown where the days are the sunniest and warmest but nights are chilly. That is why the Very Berry strawberries that are grown in the region of Aluksne are so excellent!

  • There are more than 600 sorts of strawberries in the world!

  • If you see a strawberry in your dream that means that you will reach your goals.

  • Strawberry is the only berry with seeds in its outer surface. Other berries have their seeds inside of them. There can be up to 200 seeds on one strawberry!

  • A face mask made from strawberries treats the acne, tightens pores and whitens the skin.

  • In Belgium they even have a strawberry museum and strawberry beer.

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