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        Just like every beautiful thing, Very Berry has its own special story. The beginnings of Very Berry can be traced to the moment my father became interested in a variety of cranberry cultivated on the other side of the world. Since I remember my father, he always had a great interest in his work. Retiring after 38 years of work on a collective farm, he continued to keep up-to-date with developments in agriculture. One day, my father’s attention was grabbed by an article on cranberries grown in Canada and the USA, superior in a number of ways to the cranberries that grow in the swamps of Latvia. Encouraging me to begin cultivating berries was not as easy as mastering the relevant literature... However, in the fateful year of 1996, I too got carried away. Even my friends considered this step to be madness. In Soviet times, there had already been two failed attempts at growing cranberries, so a similar fate was predicted for our dream. But I knew that I would not be at peace until I tried.
        So it comes that today we call cranberry cultivation a “traditional” sector, and I am pleased to say I have had a part in this. It took two years of research, a trip around the world visiting other growers, and long, long hours of conversation with scientists and agronomists here in Latvia. We understood a lot and were ready to act. Among other things, we were the first in Latvia to develop a swamp field irrigation solution. 
        Our team has slowly grown from two people to twenty. They are all idealists and a little bit crazy. Agriculture is not the field for anyone looking for a quick fix. It takes about 10 years for a cranberry field to start bringing money in. Organizing the production cycle, many different things have to be taken into account. Determination is not enough in the countryside - patience is also necessary. We like to challenge ourselves, since we love our work. Life is too short and the harvest comes only once a year – so we are strangers to “don’t feel like working today” days! And so we continue working...

Wishing you health and the strength to fulfil your dreams,
Gundega Sauškina, 
Chairman of the Board, SIA Very Berry

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