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We like pure and genuine relationships. Without lies and pretence. We like it when our friends surprise us with a visit, just to see how we’re doing! We have nothing to hide, since we are exactly like our reputation – open and always ready to meet you. We know that the world still holds something real, pure and true – like our friends and customers. Together, we stand for values we truly believe in.



All our products are made without preservatives, additives, flavourings and colourings. We only take what nature gives us.



Our product is created for a modern rhythm of life. It is healthy, convenient and easily visible on shop shelves, since taking care of your body should be an organic process.



We stand for simplicity - from the contents of the product to its packaging. Why complicate nature?



We are open to friendships and visitors. We are not ashamed to wince at the sourness of a cranberry or the astringency of a quince. We have so much to tell you and show you. Come and visit us!

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